ACN Direct Review

How I Rank it: 3 out of 10
Upfront Cost:  $499                                                                                                                                                                Recurring Cost: $ 149 annual
Owners: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz

Product Overview

ACN Direct is a business opportunity where you can join to build your own business selling services people use everyACN day. They offer the opportunity to sell electrical services, gas, phone (home and cell), internet, and television service. You buy into the company and become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for a fee they will set you up with a webpage to assist you in your business. The first sales they want you to make are to your family and friends. The way it works: you have your family and friends do you a favor, instead of buying their services from the company, they buy them through you. ACN offers live training events that I myself have attended. A friend of mine is a member and wanted to sponsor me to join. Of course I had to research before I made a commitment. They told me all the research I needed was standing in front of me. They then offered me a discounted membership of $239 if I joined that day. The true object of the program is to recruit new members and ride on their back as the recruit new members. Does this sound familiar? It should, this is how pyramid scams work.

The Good and the Bad

The Bad

The services you sell that are supposed to be at a discount are truly more expensive. You are not allowed to do any independent selling. There is a $39 a month coaching fee, live training that you must attend is $149-$159 per monthly event and you have to travel at your expense. The live training events are nothing more than a platform to sell to people members bring in. They have less than a 20% success rate. That being measured by making their initial investment back in a year. Until you reach a certain threshold you do not get commission on your sales.

The Good

It is difficult finding the good in this product. I guess 2 out of 10 people do make back their initial investment in a year. Over 90% never make an income above $500 dollars a month.

What do you get with the product……..

ACN1With your initial investment you get to call yourself and IBO. You get the opportunity to ask your friends and family to buy services at an inflated price where you will never see a commission payment. I can say this with certainty because my friend has been a member for over 2 years and has yet to see a commission check. Now he said he has too much invested to stop now. You can get a webpage for an additional fee. You also get a coach for an extra $39 a month that is supposed to be there to assist you. But when you call they tell you to refer to the webpage.


There is a community of sorts but you can contact your mentor. This is a real live person though I don’t believe they are much help. I was on the phone with my friend when he called and they referred him to the website. I had to help him because he is not tech savvy. In fact I have to help him most of the time because he says I help more than his coach.

Price Range and Recurring

The package is $499 to get in the door. Then it is $139 every year. The coach is an additional $39 a month. Then there are the live training events. They cost $149-$159 each and are monthly. In addition you have to travel all over the country to attend. This is at your expense. They tell you if you do not plan to attend the events don’t join. But with all the money you are making this should be no problem. The only problem is that the money you make you don’t get.

My Opinion and Review

Here is my opinion. ACN is a scam period. This is a legal pyramid scam that cons people into doing something they think is good. They tell you that the services you offer are at a discount and you will be helping your friends and family while making some money for yourself. The premise sounds good, and it would be, if it were true. In fact it is not the selling of services that is the true mission of the business. The true mission is getting people to join. That way the top of the pyramid gets paid. All the selling is just a bonus to them. Join ACN at your own risk!!! Please do not buy services through them either.

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