Easy Ways to Make Money Online in…….

Gain Experience While You Get Paid

A good way to gain experience and find your voice online is through blog writing. Why not earn a paycheck, make network connections, and get your name recognized. Believe me when I say it is good experience. This is an easy way to make money in the writing world on the internet. You don’t only have to write there are other ways to earn an income.


If You Like Writing….

If you like to write and share your opinion there are several avenues. You can write blog post or small articles. These opportunities range in size and subject. You can write about something you love, hate, or that inspires you. This is all good practice for starting your own blog site.

 Writing Not Your Thing

If you don’t like to write you can proof read for others online. In addition you can get paid to review movie scripts long before release. Upwork.com has freelance writing jobs on a wide range of topics. You can also do data entry.

Creating Content

Sometimes creating new content isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Let’s face it we all hit a brick wall from time to time. Here is a good trainig video to help you along when you reach a block. Building content should be fun. These are things that you’re passionate about. So, first and foremost, have fun. Write like you would if you were talking to your friend. It should come out easy and be natural. Don’t try to force it.


Got Pics

Do you need to pics for your webpage? Do you have pictures that you would like to sell. This place buys and sells pics that you can use in your content. One of the best picture spots on the net. You can sell pics here for some extra cash or purchase for your posts.
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Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate

My favorite way to make money online is with niche sites. A niche site is a blog page that is about something in particular that you enjoy. It is best to talk about something you are passionate about. Use your passion to inspire others.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a site, promote it, and gain rank in Google. They also allow you to host up to 50 webpages for free if you have a premium membership. You don’t need a premium membership to get started. You can host 2 webpages and have access to training for free. That’s right you can build your own online business and learn how for free. Of course their is an upsale. But it is only one and is well worth the investment of $47 a month. With a premium membership you hav access to the entire community and more training than you could do in a lifetime.

These are just a few ideas…..I know they work I have used them. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to leave a comment?

…… Together we are going to get rich.

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