How to Make Money From Home for Free

100_dollar_billHow to Make Money From Home for Free

There are several effective ways to make money from home. To do it for free is another story. I am not saying it cant be done but it’s not as easy. That old saying “it takes money to make money” isn’t always true. It does help the process along but I am going to show you how to make money from home for free.




Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Membership


Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership that you can build 2 websites and go through 10 training lessons on how to setup your website. With the free membership you also get free webhosting for those two sites. Of course there is a premium package but it is not necessary to upgrade. There are many benifets of upgrading but this post is about making money for free. In addition you learn how to affiliate market with your webpages. This is how you will make your income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling a businesses products on your webpage. When you sell products you get a commission. The best way is to promote a product that you believe in. From there build up to selling your own products.

It’s actually pretty fun. Kyle, one of the owners, walks you through everything with a combination of written and video lessons. Everything is broken down and the lessons are task oriented so you do the things as you learn.



The Choice is Yours

You can go through the affiliate bootcamp or you can build a site in your own niche. With the 2 free sites you can do both. Here is one of my niche sites. The affiliate bootcamp is promoting WA. This is a fantastic course and you learn so much more than that. You can apply what you learn to any niche. It is all good training.

When you join I will follow you in the community right away. This is so I am available to you at any time you need me.




Amazon Turk Company

There is a little known way of earning money through Amazon. It is with the Turk Company. It is a workforce put together by Amazon where businesses can use the workforce for various online jobs that cannot be performed by a computer. They include things like photo recognition, captch writing, and small data entry. You are not going to get rich doing this but it is a REAL and steady income.

How to Start

First you just signup. Then you log on from your PC or smart phone and find HITS. Hits are jobs that you can do. They show how much the job is worth and how long it takes on the average. Is there an app for that? Here is where you go to sign up and download the app. The average person makes around 50 dollars a week. I know it isn’t much but the work is simple and not time consuming. You can make money while sitting on the toilet or watching TV


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