How to make money online FREE

How to Make Money Online Free

The one big question I often get asked is “How can I make money online for FREE”. First off, nothing is free. It will cost you something. If not money, it will cost you a butt load of time. It can be done, with the proper knowledge, idea’s, and patience. Number one, you are going to have to be committed. I don’t mean dabble here and there a few hours a week, I mean you have to work every day and try different approaches. Know how to do research and leverage free exposure to your target audience.

Stay Focused on One Thing Click Here!

One of the biggest issues I encountered is picking one thing and sticking to just that. The problem is my brain just keeps working and I see ideas everywhere. You know when you buy a new car and before you bought the car you hardly ever seen that make and model? Once you start driving it around you see them everywhere. That’s because now it is important to you and your mind stops filtering them out. Instead of just writing the idea down I start to explore and research each and every one of them which takes away from the idea I started out with. The good thing about this process is that now that your mind is geared towards the process it gets easier.

You Don’t Even Need to Own a Web Page

To be completely honest you don’t even need a webpage to make money online anymore. It can be done straight through social media. The only drawback to not owning your own webpage is that some places won’t allow you to affiliate market without one. If you intend to sell your own product then your own webpage is a way to showcase it but not essential. Using social media like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and all the others, you can establish an online presence. Any way you look at it all success comes down to marketing.

Getting Your Own Web Page

Web pages are cheap and easy to get. Buying one is only between $14 and $25 depending on the URL. There are several places you can buy one from, Google Domains, GoDaddy, and of course, Wealthy Affiliate. This is only a few there are plenty of places to get a URL. After you buy the URL you have to build the page. How you build the page depends on what kind you get for instance this is a WordPress page. There is also Weebly, Shopify, and Wix. Out of those I have used Weebly. To be honest, Weebly is kind of easy and self-explanatory. Any way you go you will have to learn some skills to be efficient at it. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will get the training you need(if you don’t have the skill already)to build a webpage efficiently and with purpose. You can also host your page on Wealthy affiliate servers no matter where you buy it. That is another thing that you will have to consider when buying a web page. Where are you going to host your page?

What Are You Going to Sell?

People aren’t just going to give you their money, they are going to want something in return. The question is are you going to sell something of your own or sell someone else’s. Whatever you sell you have to believe in it. If you don’t believe in the product you will never sell it. Running a successful online business you have to wear many hats. On one hand, you have to be a marketer, a web page designer, and a writer. Having a product you believe in makes it a lot easier. You will also want to brand yourself. People remember a brand. Another option is to sell information. If 1000 people paid you 5 dollars a month for information about something, well that would be the beginning of a business.

Affiliate Sales…

You can always sell someone else’s stuff as an affiliate marketer. This is pretty straightforward. You join a business or store and market for them through your website or on social media. Social media is free but some places won’t let you advertise for them unless you own a webpage. Then every time you send a sale to the business you get a percentage of the sale. Shareasale is a good place to start. You can find several vendors there for a variety of products and services. Every vendor or business has their own percentage rates and deals for affiliates. Clickbank is another place to find good vendors. They also offer educational opportunities you help you learn how to sell.FoneCasino


Of course, you can always gamble online. I wouldn’t recommend that you do this as a way to earn money unless you are a professional gambler and know how to play the odds. You can always work with the casinos and affiliate market for them.