Making Money Offline

Be Your Own Boss

How would you like to work your own hours and make a little money on the side. Sound good to you. If oyu like to meet new people and drive around cities near you than maybe you should drive for Uber. Sign Up  Be sure to use my referal number 6wmsjz1eue. Just copy and paste in when it asks. I would appreciate it

A LittlUBERe About Uber……

Sign up is pretty easy. All you do is take pictures of you drivers licence and vehicle information. Then you will be asked to submit to a background check. After a short wait you are appoved and can log in on the app and start driving. There si surge pricing where you get payed mor than regular rate. The way it i s setup shows the area in surge shaded red and has how many times rate it is. Example 1.5 times rate the 1.5 will be the shaded area that is surging. Of course Uber gets their cut and it is 25%. But the surge over normal rate is yours. It is a good way to make some extra money in your free time or make it a full time job. The average Uber driver makes 4400 a month.


You need a clean back ground check in addition to a valid drivers licence. The only vehicles you can use with Uber are 4 doors that are 2004 or newer. Of course, you need insurance and the vehicle must be registered. They have different classifications for different size vehicles like SUV’s and bigger cars.