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I will no longer be sponsoring Real Writing Jobs.com. As I have just found out that they are not honoring their refund agreements. There are people trying to get a refund and stop payments without success. The site is real but if you ever want to quit they are not ending your membership and continuing to bill you.





 The Freelance Writers Den

Are you a serious writer. Do you want to make a career out of writing. Then you should look into the Freelance Writers Den . Here you can find good writing jobs that cover most aspects of writing. They have bootcamps to hone your skills and walls with writing job postings. There is a membership fee but it is well worth it, as the average writer makes nearly 10x the average. If you are serious about starting a writing career online I suggest the Freelance Writers Den.

Writing Jobs Online

There are other opportunities to make money writing online. Writing Jobs Online has been featured on msnbc, Entreprenuers.com, About.com,and many more. This is a legitamate writing job. There are job boards that you can choose different types of writing on. You work your own hours and from anywhere in the world.

Another up and coming website for writing is Upwork.com. This is a new writing site that works similar to the others. It is free to join and there are various types of writing jobs to choose from.

To be Honest

There are tons of people, businesses, and programs out there that are looking for people to write. You can join most of them for free. Be careful, do your research, and have fun writing. The other 2 are legit on this page and I apologize for offering something not so trust worthy. It just goes to show you that they are tricky and can fool anyone. You have to pay for the other 2 because they are well known and get high paying jobs. The Freelance Writers Den also offers training and a platform to sell your work. I am a member there also.